General Conditions of Sale (C.G.V.)

General Conditions of Sale (C.G.V.) – Company A.M.P.
Article 1 . Purpose – These General Conditions of Sale apply automatically to our
commercial relations with our Customers. Any order placed by our Customers implies, as a condition, the unconditional acceptance of the said conditions. These General Conditions of
Sale prevail over all conditions of purchase, except express derogation of A.M.P.

No tolerance by A.M.P., of any nature, importance, duration, frequency may not be creative of right or claim waiver of subsequently invoke one of these conditions.

Article 2 . Contractual parts

The constituent parts of the contractual relationship are:

Ø The quote

Ø the text of the contract/the order

Ø these General Conditions of Sale

Ø as a supplement, the documents of the Client in that they are not contrary to the particular conditions of the contract.
Each part prevails over the next in the order indicated in the contract, and in the absence of such an indication, in the one set out in Article 2 above. In accordance with legal obligations, the documents are drawn up in french.

Article 3 . Content of the A.M.P. Service : AMP makes available to its customers: a vehicle with driver according to the modalities included in the Purchase Order, the fuel needed to complete the journey, the transport of luggage  and tolls, insurance for people transported.

Article 4 . The A.M.P. Tariffs keep at the disposal of the customers the general tariff of the services. These rates are increased by Value Added Tax (VAT) at the applicable rate applicable to the nature of the benefit.

Article 5. Payments :  Any order, to be validated, must be accompanied by a minimum of 50% of the estimate amount. The balance is payable to the driver at the end of the service, cash or Bank Card

Article 6 . Cancellation Conditions

In case of cancellation for Coach services, A.M.P. reserves the right to charge the following minima:

Ø “0%”: More than 7 days from the start of the service date.

Ø “50%”: Between 3 and 6 days from the start of the service date.

Ø “100%”: Less than 3 days from the start the date of the service.

In case of cancellation for Berlines and Minibus services  , A.M.P. reserves the right to charge the folllowing minima :
Ø “0%”: More than 24 hours from the start of the benefit date.

Ø “100%”: Less than 24 hours and the beginning of the date of the service.

In all cases, the absence of the client at the agreed date and time of the appointment ( no show), leads to the perception total order.
Article 7 . Compliance with regulations and safety Employees of A.M.P. are required to comply with the rules , in particular with respect to the operation of vehicles. No derogation may be respect its rules.
Customers are also required to comply with the same rules and any contrary attitude that could lead to a loss or damage to the vehicle will be charged to the said customer.

Article 8 . Force majeure A.M.P. may not be held liable for non-performance or any other breach of its contractual obligations, as long as this failure results from a foreign cause of force majeure. Is
considered as a foreign cause of force majeure any irresistible, unpredictable event outside the
meaning of Article 1148 of the Civil Code.

Article 9 . Data protection and freedoms
Client are the subject of data processing that has been declared to the C.N.I.L. This information is reserved to
the exclusive use of A.M.P.

The Customer has the right to access and modify the data concerning him
(Article 34 of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978).

Article 10 . Disputes
relationship between A.M.P. and the client the Commercial Court of Aix-en-Provence will be the only competent.
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