Driver Aix les Milles-la Duranne 13290

Driver Aix les Milles-la Duranne 13290 is at your disposal to complete the current offer of TaxiDuring rush hour as in many cities, taxis are saturated. So AMP VTC Aix les Milles-la Duranne 13290 can simplify your application.


Just send us an e-mail: or 04 42 12 32 32 for us give your reservation, preferably at least 1 hour before or the day before. So, we will confirm your reservation of car with driver private by an exchange of mail or SMS. You will be guaranteed to have a transport vehicle with driver at the place and time you want.

The rate?

It will be conveyed to you during your booking and inscribed in the confirmation. The rate is fixed for the ride. You can have a supplement only in the following cases: you set a schedule for example 17.00 to your desktop to get to the TGV station of Aix en Provence, but you ride in the vehicle at 5:30 pm. In our 15 minute wait prices shall be understood, in the beyond an additional billing will be possible *.

* see terms and conditions of Ventes